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    Para No. Subject
    1.1-1.4.2 Introduction, guidelines of Telangana State CAMPA
    2 Annual Plan of Operations(APO)
    2.1 Preparation of Annual Plan of Operations
    2.2 Approval of APO
    2.2.3 Release of Funds
    2.2.4 Cash Book
    2.2.5 Maintenance of Records
    2.3 Monitoring  & Evaluation
    3 Sanction of Estimates
    3.1 Preparation of Estimates
    3.2 Sanction of Estimates
    3.3 Filing of Completion Reports (CRs):
    4 Execution of works
    4.1 Method Of Works:
    4.2 Procedure for registration of contractors
    4.2.1 Norms and types
    4.2.2 Categories of contractors
    4.2.3 Procedure for Registration
    4.2.4 Rules of Registration
    4.2.5 Demotion of Contractors
    4.2.6 Suspension of business
    4.2.7 Removal from Approved List
    4.2.8 Black listing
    4.2.9 Restoration
    4.3 Implementation of works on nomination and through tender system
    4.3.1 Nomination of contractors for minor works
    4.3.2 Nomination of contractors for major works
    4.3.3 Delegation for entrustment of works on nomination
    4.4 Tender system
    4.4.1 Procedure for call of Tenders
    4.4.2 Tender invitation & finalization
    4.4.3 Publicity to the tenders
    4.4.4 Prevention of collusion of Contractors
    4.4.5 Receipt of Tenders
    4.4.6 Cost of Tender schedules
    4.4.7 Tender Premium
    4.4.8 Discount Tenders
    4.4.9 Comparison of tenders
    4.4.10 Acceptance of Tenders
    4.5 Agreements
    4.5.1 Delegation of powers for entering into contracts
    4.5.2 Delegation of powers for acceptance of tenders
    4.5.3 Contract Documents and Enforcement
    4.6 E.M.D.S/ S.D. and F.S.DS
    4.6.1 Earnest Money Deposit Collection of EMD major works Collection of EMD minor works
    4.6.3 Further Security Deposits (FSD)
    4.7 Measurements / check-measurements & test check
    4.7.1 Delegation powers
    4.7.2 Responsibility for irregularities noticed
    4.7.3 Time limit for Test Check
    4.7.4 Quality control
    5. Preparation of Bills and payment:
    5.1 Delegation of powers on passing for payment of single bill
    5.2 Payment of bills:
    4.4.5 Receipt of Tenders


    Para No. Annexure No. Subject
    Maintenance of records and registers
    4.4.5 I Register of Tender Schedules Sold
    4.4.5 II Register of Tenders Received
    4.2.2 III Register of Registered Contractors
        Registration of contractors
    4.2.3 IV(A) Application for Registration
    4.2.3 IV(B) Form for approval of registration
    4.2.3.c V(A) Form of Solvency Certificate-by Bank
    4.2.3.c V(B) Form of Solvency Certificate- by Tahsildar
    4.2.5 VI(A) Form for deregistration of contractor- where contractor himself desires that his name may be removed.
    4.2.5 VI(B) Form for deregistration of contractor - any other reason mentioned in the Manual
        Tender Invitation & conclusion of Agreement
    4.4.5 VII(A) Tender Notice   (Forest Works & Civil Works Major & Minor)
    4.4.5 VII(B) Tender Schedule(Forest Works & Civil Works Major & Minor)
    4.4.5 VII(C) Model form of Agreement (Major & Minor)

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