Projects with in the Department - Ongoing:

  1. Vegetation Cover Mapping – using IRS P6 LISS III Data 2007 & 2008
  2. Vegetation Cover Change Detection between 2007 & 2008,
  3. Estimation of Trees outside Forests – Pilot Project for Adilabad District – Interpretation, Map Composition and Printing, Sampling Design and Field Manual preparation completed. Inventory and Analysis to be done.
  4. VSS Asset Survey – almost completed and Attributing is under progress.
  5. Verification of areas claimed under ROFR Act 2006 using Cartosat 1 Data.
  6. Survey and verification of Notified Forest Boundary using DGPS.
  7. Mapping of High Tide Line for analysis of Plantations falling within HTL and its 50 m buffer.
  8. Updation of existing geospatial data.