The primary objective of introduction of Geomatics in T.S.F.D is to make use of the latest Information Technology available for data collection through effective MIS and GIS and its interpretation for monitoring and evaluation, planning and decision making.

  • To computerize activities of Forest Department.
  • To improve efficiency in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of various field activities through effective IT tools.
  • Creation of database for helping all the field executives in day-to-day decision making.
  • Bringing out consistency, accuracy and transparency in all types of data.
  • Preparation of Strategic Plans at State and District levels, management plans or working plans and micro plans.
  • Forest development through CFM and Micro level watershed management through people participation by using Geomatics as a tool for planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • To make Geomatics integral to decision making process at all levels in department.
  • Training of staff in the field of Geomatics.
  • To enhance the utility of existing database and generate further reliable data for the different wings of the TS Forest Department.
  • Keeping the database on-line by converting it into Geo Database through intranet and Web GIS and to assign privileges for creating, updating and exchanging data at different levels throughout the state.
  • Integrating MIS with GIS through development of Forest Management Information System.
  • Detailed periodic monitoring and evaluation of vegetation status at fixed intervals upto smallest units of Administration (Beat), Management (Compartment) and Extension (JFM/CFM/EDC).
  • Develop IT skills at all levels of administration in the Department.
  • Surveying and inventorying of various resources using DGPS and GIS technology.
  • Assessment of growing stock using Forest Inventory.
  • Assessments of tree cover in out side the forest area using Cartosat 1 data.