Infrastructure Development:

In addition to the Geomatics center at Hyderabad, Regional Geomatics Centres in Adilabad and Warangal were established with modern facilities and staff to cater the needs of forest divisions around them in technology and fulfilling the day to day requirements.

Geomatics centers are equipped with latest hardware, software, and technical expertise to fulfill the ever increasing needs of the complex Information Technology.

Each division has been supplied with desktop GIS software and hand held GPS for viewing and capturing spatial data. Each circle has been provided with one to two Differential GPS rovers for accurate surveys and demarcation of forest boundaries.

It has well experienced manpower and has experience in imparting Training on various subjects in Geomatics starting from CAD conversions, Desktop GIS, GPS survey and MIS as well as experience in integrating GIS with MIS for maximum benefit in analysis through online and off line.

Archival of Database for further usage and dissemination:

The huge amount of database that has been created is archived systematically with appropriate coding for the faster retrieval and usage. The copies of data are maintained at head office and regional centers.