Future Strategy and Other Activities

    1. Near REAL-TIME Vegetation Cover Monitoring
    2. Higher Inputs to Working Plan Preparation
    3. Plantation Monitoring by Higher Resolution Remote Sensing data
    4. Survey of All Notified Forest Blocks using DGPS as suggested by National Commission on Forestry.
    5. Preparation of RoFR Act 2006 Layer & verification of areas claimed under ROFR Act 2006 using Cartosat 1 Data.
    6. Wildlife Habitat Mapping for 6 districts
    7. Refinement of WHS and fire risk zonation layer
    8. Inventory of NTFP & Timber Resources and Solid Carbon once in 5 – 10 years
    9. Development of mobile application for online collection and dissemination of data
    10. Monitoring of Forest Fires and Groundwater levels.
    11. Development of WebGIS.
    12. Generation of new vegetation indices for State of Telangana
    13. Archiving training sets of different years data for change detection studies