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The Government of Telangana have decided to develop the Urban Forest Blocks in and around cities and towns into Urban Forest Parks, which will not only provide the required lung spaces to the cities and towns but also contribute to the growth of smart, clean, green, sustainable and healthy cities in the state.It has been decided to develop these Forest Blocks into Urban Forest Parks (UFP) under the flagship programme of Telanganaku Haritha Haram. There are 109 Urban Forest Parks (59 within HMDA and 50 outside HMDA limits) being developed in the State.

:: Objective ::
  • 1. Provide complete protection to the forest land.
  • 2. Conserve the local biodiversity.
  • 3. Develop the forest inside the park.
  • 4. Provide recreational and educational opportunity to local people.
  • 5. Help conserve the water in the locality.
  • 6. Provide the required lung space and relief to the people.
  • 7. Reduce environmental pollution.
  • 8. Increase greenery in the area.
  • 1. Providing complete protection to the Forest block through boundary wall, see-through wall, fencing or peripheral trench as the case may be.
  • 2. Taking up planting on saturation basis.
  • 3. Developing the forests/greenery inside the park through planting or other cultural operations under Assisted Natural Regeneration.
  • 4. Taking up Soil and Moisture Conservation works.
  • 5. Developing inspection paths, walking trail, cycle trail, fire lines, Watch Tower etc.
  • 6. Creation of public amenities like entry gate, ticket counter and toilets.
  • 7. Earmark nearly 5% area of the park as visitor’s zone and rest of the area will be kept as conservation zone for complete protection and preservation of local biodiversity.
  • 8. All the works are carried out under the technical guidance of Forest Department
  • 1).All the Urban Forest Parks have been brought under the Zoo and Parks Authority of Telangana (ZAPAT) for maintenance.
  • 2).There is an entry fee for the developed parks and the revenue earned from the Gate fee and other sources is utilized for maintenance and further development of the parks.
  • • These parks are a big hit among the local citizens and there is a lot of appreciation from the local people.
  • • These parks are mainly being used by morning walkers, day visitors, school children and student community.
  • • These parks are providing lung spaces for the city dwellers and a great recreational facility during the week ends.
  • • These parks will not only provide the required oxygen to the city dwellers but will also play a vital role in the preservation and conservation of local bio-diversity and thus help in maintaining the local ecological balance.
  • • These parks will also help in percolation of rain water and helping in maintaining the under-ground water regime.

The school children in large numbers are also taken to these parks for awareness building under “Vanadarshini Programme”.

Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF